About us

About us

Weiss Pharmatechnik GmbH is an efficient, innovative engineering company which has gained a leading position with a secure future on the B-to-B market in the last 30 years.

We work closely with customers, a strategy which enables us to gain an understanding of work processes and create special problem solutions to meet individual customer requirements.
We can identify new developments and departures in advance in industry and research, and we are trendsetters in clean room technology. Prerequisites for this are years of concentration of our technical know-how, the embracing of innovation, expansive development and our flexibility when it comes to thinking and doing.

We utilize synergies which our membership of the Schunk Group offer to produce complete solutions (e.g. in the areas of air-conditioning and material flow engineering):

Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH, our parent company, is active as an air-conditioning unit and system manufacturer in the information technology, life science technology, clean room engineering and hygienic air-conditioning sectors. Process air-conditioning is at the forefront in all these application areas.

Complete Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry